We’re a family that believes in the power, positivity,
and possibility of each other and our community.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see communities come together for a common cause.

Our Mission

Live In Peace is an East Palo Alto-based organization committed to advancing the cultural, educational, and economic empowerment of youth in communities of color. We fulfill this mission by building a strong family atmosphere that supports our youth in the following three program areas: the L.I.P. Studio (arts & culture), the College Initiative (education) and StreetCode Academy (technology & economics). In each program, we help our students discover, develop and direct their creative genius for the benefit of their community and the broader world.

Our Movement

East Palo Alto is at a critical and unique point in history (and geography). The next decade will answer the following question: How will Silicon Valley  impact communities of color, and how will communities of color impact Silicon Valley? Without intentional efforts to the contrary, the answer is unfortunately predictable: communities of color will be displaced, and the Valley will continue to miss out on the “untapped” genius within them. Live In Peace is pursuing strategies that change the narrative about our communities, shape the future of the Valley, and write the next chapter of history.

Our Family

East Palo Alto carries the distinction (among people who know it beyond the headlines) as a community that feels like family. It is that spirit that birthed Live In Peace, and today the same spirit sustains our organization. Beneath the programs we offer is a deep love for our city, its young people and its families. We believe in the power and gifts so often overlooked in this amazing community, and we believe that those gifts can help bless and enrich the world.

Meet the Live In Peace Family…


  • Khabral Muhhamad
    Khabral Muhhamad Case Manager
  • Eugene Jackson
    Eugene Jackson Community Liaison
  • Casey Jackson
    Casey Jackson Case Manager
  • Nikko Jackson
    Nikko Jackson Case Manager
  • Heather Starnes
    Heather Starnes Executive Director
  • Erica Hayes
    Erica Hayes Case Manager
  • Bob Hoover
    Bob Hoover Program Director
  • Sharrifa Wilson
    Sharrifa Wilson Academic Consultant
  • Jasonna Auzenne
    Jasonna Auzenne Program Coordinator
  • “Jo-zee”
    “Jo-zee” Student Teacher
  • Tunde Sobomehin
    Tunde Sobomehin Director of Vision & Innovation and Co-Founder, Esface, Inc.
  • Stan Logwood
    Stan Logwood Student Advisor
  • “Coco”
    “Coco” Student Teacher
  • Brianna Brown
    Brianna Brown College Coordinator
  • “Mario”
    “Mario” Student Teacher
  • Justin Phipps
    Justin Phipps Director of Arts & Music


  • Beth Kawasaki
    Beth Kawasaki Board
  • Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier
    Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier Board
  • Ime Archibong
    Ime Archibong Board
  • Heather Starnes
    Heather Starnes Executive Director