About Us

We believe that every young person has the right to LIVE in peace, not to rest in peace. In communities where violence, pain and an unjust sense of powerlessness have resulted in a “Rest In Peace” culture in which youth are more recognized for their dying than for their living, Live In Peace exists to advance a culture of non-violence, healing and power.

Live In Peace has become a second family to many young people in East Palo Alto and eastern Menlo Park. We help our youth navigate their way through whatever barriers they may face to a peaceful and positive future, whether the barriers are social, emotional, behavioral, economic, academic, or other. Our work is grounded in the “Alive & Free“ (or “Street Soldiers”) methodology from the Omega Boys Club in Bayview/Hunters Point, SF. We teach this methodology in classes and workshops inside and outside juvenile hall, in schools, and at other community sites. We provide scholarships and ongoing social-emotional support for our students who have entered college, seven of whom are now L.I.P. college graduates. Additionally, we recognize that when young people tap into their artistic gifts the entire course of their lives can shift. To that end we have started the Live In Peace Music Academy to produce musicians and music devoted to the healing and uplifting of our community. In all of our work, we are committed to collaborative efforts that are building the Live In Peace movement.
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