Alive & Free

Our core methodology comes from the Alive & Free model in San Francisco (also known as Street Soldiers). Alive & Free is a personal development model rooted in nonviolence and healing. We work with young people to overcome whatever barriers they face to a peaceful and fulfilled life, whether those barriers are internal or external. Sometimes this means long talks and tears. Sometimes it means advocating for students at school or in court. Sometimes it means trips to the mountains or the ocean. And of course it includes skill building in our program areas along with academic support. The specifics of our work are as varied as they are for any family devoted to the success of its children. In the same way, we see the power and beauty of every one of our students, especially when schools and other systems have given up on them. All of our programs are venues for our students to discover, develop and direct their creative genius for the benefit of their community and the broader world.