The foundation of our work is simple: we're family.

We are a team of EPA community leaders, with over 150 years of collective youth development expertise, who function as extended family members to our students and to each other. We operate in the same spirit of the village that birthed East Palo Alto. Any success in our program areas is owed most significantly to this family spirit that shapes our work. Our homes and our program spaces are second homes to our students. With rapid gentrification displacing community members, our homes sometimes also become primary residences for students in transition. Simply put, we are a family who loves this city and will do whatever we can to support the preservation and advancement of its people and cultures.

Our model, as you can see below, is similarly simple: 

  1. Hire local, community leaders (the context for the model)

  2. Build supportive relationships with youth, fostering a sense of belonging (the family)

  3. Develop skills and create opportunities for success (our programs)

  4. Graduate self-sufficient, highly educated, socially conscious young leaders (the result)