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Cultivating a Cultural Mecca for Technological Advancement

We Are The Soul of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley and East Palo Alto have been waiting for something like StreetCode Academy.  Born out of the desire for tech leaders to diversify the Valley, and the opportunity to showcase the creative and talented young people of East Palo Alto, StreetCode embarked on the quest to create pathways for new entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers.

Today, StreetCode Academy is East Palo Alto’s community-based hacker space for innovation and technology, providing coding instruction, personal and professional development, and other 21st century skills to EPA youth, ages 14 – 24.

With the help of StreetCode programs and the surrounding tech community, East Palo Alto is advancing their participation in the excitement and success of Silicon Valley.  In less than a year, we have taught over 80 StreetCoders to write and design software, and reached over 120 youth and young adults through community hackathons and events.  Our program graduates have started their own companies, participated in tech internships, and all students have shared their own unique voice and cultural identity.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, students and families, and mentors! Together, we are moving toward a better EPA and a better tech community.


Cultural diversity is drastically lacking in both the Silicon Valley and the broader tech industry, leaving a void of the cultural genius of underrepresented communities.  East Palo Alto, as the only self-governed community of color and a history of cultural leadership, is poised to be an ideal place to demonstrate social, cultural, and technological innovation.  StreetCode Academy is bridging the cultural strength of EPA with the opportunities of broader Silicon Valley.

The StreetCode TechFest & DemoDay is a two-day event celebrating the accomplishments of the teams and individuals who completed the SCA Winter courses:

Apps 1 & 2: demo’ing 20 student products

The EPA Branding Project: releasing book and mini doc

Web Design: demo’ing 8 student web projects

Robotics: demo’ing 5 student products