Welcome to Live In Peace!

The talent and genius of East Palo Alto will help shape the future of Silicon Valley.

Live In Peace is building a movement located in the heart of the technology economy, connecting East Palo Alto to the surrounding Silicon Valley through our cultural, educational, and technological programs.

  • Live in Peace operates with a very special model of connecting young people to their talents, to jobs, and to a bright picture of their future through a support system of leaders from their own community.  It’s been a privilege to get to know this group and their work over the last five years, and we are honored to help sustain and grow their impact over the years ahead.

    Chris Cox Facebook Executive
  • Live In Peace's StreetCode Academy is at a unique time and space, where East Palo Alto can be a role model for the rest of the world. Their maker community has provided hope to youth around the world and EPA youth can now become superstars and keep their roots in their community.

    Asha Jadeja Motwani Venture Capitalist
  • Amongst chaos, you can grow, amongst poverty, you can shine, amongst doubt and fear, you can find a way to absolutely succeed, and it starts with what you're doing.

    Jason Mayden
  • What you are doing is absolutely, absolutely fabulous. And I completely agree with your assessment about how strategic your location is -- both physically and morally. Thank you for everything you are doing -- bringing more SOUL to the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Van Jones President & Founder, Dream Corps

Our Formula To Diversify The Valley

All Live In Peace programs help youth and their communities discover, develop, and direct their creative genius for the benefit of their community and the broader world.  We continue to pursue innovative solutions that will change the narrative of our community, shape the future of the Valley, and will write the next chapter of history.

L.I.P Studio

Seeks to produce both musicians of the highest caliber and young men and women of the highest character, creating music for the uplifting and healing of our community.

The College Initiative

Offers academic & emotional support, mentorship and case management to students who are typically not eligible for more standard college prep programs.

StreetCode Academy

A community-based hacker school, providing coding instruction, personal and professional development, economic empowerment, and other 21st century skills needed to design the future.


A place where young people find a safe place to reconnect to their academic goal, reduce barriers, and move towards a positive vision for themselves in the future.

Chris & Visra Donate $1 million to L.I.P. Programs

Facebook executive Chris Cox and wife, filmmaker Visra Vichit-Vadakan, donate $1 million to Live In Peace to connect East Palo Alto youth and young adults to surrounding tech community. Read his FB post here.

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